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Francisco Vidal Colombian Artist

Scale View. Francisco Vidal Paintings
Series The Musician Paintings of FranciscoVidal 2014

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FRANCISCO VIDAL ART is about EXPRESSIONIS and SENSUALITY trough FORM and COLOR with a personal interpretation of the Classic Genres of high Art. Nudes, Still life and Landscape

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Francisco Vidal
Francisco F Vidal Colombian Artist


Through more than 5 decades of devotion to painting Francisco Vidal Figurative Artist remained passionately commited to a personal interpretation of the classic genres of high art. Still life, Landscape and Nudes.

The female figure in particular is a constant source of inspiration and challenge for the artist.

Francisco Vidal an Internationally Colombian Figurative artist lives and works in New York City he has exhibit Solo and many groupshows in U.S.A,Colombia,Italy and South America.

His figurative works are in various private and permanent Museum ,Collections included Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO), Monterrey,Mexico.Museum of Modern Art,Cartagena,Colombia and at Museo del Barrio in New York City.

Francisco Vidal is a prolifit artist with output from 60 to 100 works a year

Here you find biographycal references and selected image'nes of his works past and present

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The Hope.68x162.oil on canvas,Francisco Vidal
triptic,Thehope.oil canvas

I have figurative paintings,Works on paper with Museun quality for new and stable Collectors"Lovers of the beautiful"
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